A New Generation: Nanotechnology

Nanotechnology in Medicine


Throughout the ages new and incredible discoveries have been made in the medical world.  Perhaps one of the most amazing things that have yet been discovered is nanorobots.  First introduced by American physicist and Nobel Prize winner Richard Feynman, these robots, though not yet in effect, are on the verge of becoming a new medical miracle in the modern world.(4)  Nanorobots are immensely small, .5 to 3 microns large, and therefore are able to travel through the body without causing any harmful damage.(4)  These robots would be inserted into the body and begin their adventure through the body systems.  They will be able to cure common ailments by attacking directly at the source, as opposed to medicine which has to spread through the entire body before taking affect.  The nanorobots are under command of trained professionals who are highly skilled at directing the nanorobots as well as understanding the complexities of the human body.  As nanotechnology progresses, it may very well become the ultimate cure to countless diseases because of its maneuverability and efficiency.  However, nanotechnology is just in its beginning stages and will, like so many other medical discoveries, be perfected so that the world will be able to safely use this new medical miracle.

 "Living organisms are naturally-existing, fabulously complex systems of molecular nanotechnology."
- Dr. Gregory Fahy

According to this theory, nanorobots can be constructed to cure the illnesses of the human body.  The act of using nanotechnology for medical purposes is commonly called nanomedicine. (1)


 An example of nanotechnology's advancement in medicine can be seen in the video shown above.  The video gives a brief overview of nanotechnology and also focuses on the nanorobots' abilities to attack cancer cells in the body.  It goes on to describe how nanotechnology will greatly impact the medical field.

Below and to the left are images of nanorobots in the body.

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